#SLT006 | Matt Kurleto | Reduce customer churn with AI predictions

Human being aren’t able to predict churn rate with the precision artificial intelligence can do. Matt Kurleto (CEO, Neoteric) is going to tell how AI decreases churn rate by 20% in under 6 months in telecom industry. Find out what trends will define sales process and marketing in the next decade. 

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How to use AI predictions to reduce churn in telecom indutry and beyond.
  • Why human beings are not able to understand AI.
  • How to explain AI in simple words.
  • Future of marketing and sales with deeper personalization.
  • Why a buzzword "customer-centric approach" matters more than ever.
  • How to identify an "aha moment" customers should experience to use a product.


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Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

Is it a good idea to create several products at once?
How churn rate kills revenue in commoditized markets.
How companies lose customers in telecom industry.
Method to identify the probability of churn rate.
A simple description of how AI (and any technology) works.
How to reduce churn rate by 20% in under 6 months.
How to use data to create a winning offer.
On the future of Internet and what it means for telecom.
How to show value of Internet today?
Why people hate being sold, but still like buying.
How data helps increase relevance of any offer online.
What makes value for a customer and how to define it.

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