#011 Sales Leaders Talks | Jill Konrath

More Sales, Less Time: winning coaching strategies in sales teams

Sales leaders become successful when their sales team achieves success. Effective sales leaders put the professional development of their sales reps at the forefront. How can you implement effective coaching processes in a learning organization to better set your team up for success? In this episode, Jill Konrath is sharing her experience on building successful sales teams.

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How to make successful sales hires.
  • What is the skill set of a great sales leader? 
  • How to use trigger events to establish a sales context.
  • How to set your sales team to success in a learning organization.
  • How to improve on key metrics in the pipeline.


Margo: 00:01 Welcome to Sales Leaders Talks brought to you by Callpage. This podcast is for sales and marketing leaders who want to lead their people to success, do more, better and faster each day. Our guests are experienced sales and marketing experts who share their secrets and strategies on everything from team coaching and leadership to marketing and sales tech solutions. Before we move forward, ask yourself this question, "Do you want to excel as a leader and help your company grow?" If your answer is yes, let's get started.

Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

Skill sets of a great sales leader.
How companies set new hires to failure.
The knowledge each new sales hire needs from the start.
A reason why big companies are reluctant to talk to your sales rep.
Using trigger events to establish a sales context.
Why salespeople should stop pushing the „more” button.
What metrics should be used in the sales pipeline?
How to establish a learning organization.
Setting growth challenges and goals for sales leaders.
Creating scalable coaching process in a sales department.
Setting up an agreement between a sales rep and a sales leader.
Jill Konrath’s recommendations on hiring the right sales professionals.

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