#012 Sales Leaders Talks | Thomas Vosper

How to set the right compensation plan.

There is no one ideal sales compensation plan. But there is a logic behind setting the right one for your organization. In this episode Thomas Vosper, a Retail Director for Pricesearcher is talking about setting the right compensation plan and taking a coaching approach to drive success for a sales team. We are also talking about AI substituting jobs in sales.

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How to define the most optimal sales compensation plan
  • What is the secret of Amazon in their approach to sales?
  • Will AI substitute sales jobs?
  • In which cases will setting strict OTEs not work?
  • How can AI support sales teams to help close more deals?


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Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

Wrong perception of sales as a profession.
What compensation plan is the most optimal.
Why compensation plans don’t work.
Why high OTEs sets the organization up for failure.
The importance of speaking to people instead of mailing. 
The future of the job market in sales and AI in sales.
How AI can support salespeople in closing more deals.
General behavior that drive sales reps to the right outcome.

Additional resources

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