#SLT002 | Syed Asad Hussain | How to recruit a top-notch sales rep?

Syed is a Sales Team Lead at Prezly and has helped to build sales teams in UsabilityTools, Livechat, and Unamo. He also was a consultant for companies like Netguru and 10Clouds where he helped to scale their sales efforts. Syed has spoken at various conferences and enjoys sharing his love for sales with everybody around him.

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How to find the right sales reps.
  • How to carry out the interviews with candidates.
  • Where to look for the best salespeople.
  • What makes a good and a great salesperson.
  • What to do if your salespeople want to leave the company.
  • How to resolve conflicts in the sales department.


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Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

On a career of a salesperson from Pakistan
How salespeople are headhunted
What makes a great salesperson
On differences between a good and a great salesperson
On true motivations of salespeople
Why days of Grant Cardone are gone
What is the most effective way to sell
How long should the recruitment process take in sales
How to resolve conflicts in sales
Why you shouldn’t fire your people
On the role of family
Key takeaways on how to find a sales representative

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