#SLT007 | Susan Ostojska | How to increase client LTV with a proper onboarding?

Clients will stay with companies that care more and listen to their needs and concerns. In the world where retention contributes with 70% of annual revenue, the role of customer success teams is equally important to the role of sales departments. A proper onboarding process opens the doors to upsells and growing LTV of existing customers. How to make it happen? 

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How Growbots implements customer onboarding to increase client retention.
  • What milestones should be set for a successful onboarding.
  • How to create customer success processes from scratch.
  • Using data to analyze in-app behaviour of users and improve CS stategy.
  • Why clients fail to understand and successfully use SaaS tools.
  • How to find specific approaches for each client persona.


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Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

How retention defines company revenue.
How having customer success processes helps get competitive advantage.
What is Growbots?
The sales processes in Growbots.
On the technical part of onbording.
What are milestones in CS and why they are important.
What tools Growbots uses to enable contact with users.
How to lead different client personas to success.
Who are high LTV clients in Growbots.
How to measure customer success (metrics). 
How to set up customer success processes from scratch.
Using data to learn more about clients.

Additional resources

Growbots – machine-learning driven tool for sales automation 

Intercom Chat– a tool enabling in-app chat

Typeform – a tool for creating surveys

Mixmax - a tool for creating and tracking emails

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