#SLT004 | Lukasz Turczynski | Head of Sales, Inpost | How to empower your sales teams using technology?

Lukasz Turczynski, a sales leader at InPost, is talking about challenges of sales teams in mid-sized and enterprise companies. Lukasz is sharing his tips and advice on how he has solved similar challenges with the right sales strategy and tech stack at place. Listen and find out about the best practices and tools used in InPost.

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How technology enables sales leaders and sales teams to reach monthly targets.
  • How our guest is coaching his team for success.
  • How to increase number of high performers in a sales department.
  • How to employ sales talents.
  • Should firing happen often in sales departments?
  • What are the main challenges of sales departments now?


Margo: [00:36] Hi, welcome to the Sales Leaders Talks. My name is Margo and I'm going to be your host today. In this episode I'm talking to Lukasz Turczyński, a sales director at InPost. InPost is the biggest international network of parcel lockers Lukasz is telling how he is coaching his team to reach the right numbers and helps his managers make progress. Our guest is explaining how to approach technological solutions, what channels of lead acquisition drive the most results, and how to use technology to scale and drive more sales. Let's get down to details.


Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

On challenges of a sales leader.
How sales department in Inpost is using technology to reach quotas.
How to coach sales reps in ecommerce?
Data aggregation & analysis as the most serious challenge for sales leaders
How to find common language with a sales director? 
Should a sales leader avoid firing his people? 
Is it possible to develop a sales talent?
Is marketing and sales alignment a myth?
Three streams of leads 
How to react to underperformance in sales department? 
Should everyone know a product in a company to sell it? 
Lead generation tools for sales department and sales leaders

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Sales Optimize, Data Science & Market Intelligence

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