#SLT010 | Jen Spencer | How effective sales enablement helps your reps reach quotas 

Sales enablement helps sales reps progress faster and overcome roadblocks to closing more deals. Sales enablement leaders are bridging the gap between sales and marketing ensuring knowledge about a customer acquired in the marketing department gets transfered to sales reps. What is the role of efficient sales enablement? In this episode you will listen to Jen Spencer, a VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media who is going to share her insights on approach to sales enablement from both sides - sales and marketing.

Key points you will learn in this episode

  • How sales enablement roles differ across organizations. 
  • How effective strategies in sales enablement help reps reach their quotas. 
  • What materials should sales enablement create for the sales department. 
  • How to hire A-class sales reps (hiring process). 
  • Sales enablement as a marketing-driven role.
  • Why sales reps benefit from getting  customer insights from marketing.


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Show notes

Podcast moments that will matter to you:

What is the path from a sales rep to a sales leader. 
On importance of being and working with a  sales team.
How engineering  background can help in sales.
How to define success metrics for sales reps. 
On the role of sales enablement in organizations.
What is a negative persona and who should create it. 
Creating the right materials for sales departments. 
A day from life of a sales enablement professional. 
How sales leaders should listen to sales calls of their reps.
Speaking-to-listening ratio: an optimal formula.
Sales velocity: should you blame your reps for not closing fast enough.
Hiring process: how to identify over-achievers. 

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