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dan tyre marketing marathon-1

In this episode of Sales Leaders Talks our guests Dan Tyre, Sales Director of Hubspot and Todd Hockenberry, the owner of Top Line Results digital agency, are going...                      

48 min
syed marketing marathon
Who makes a perfect candidate for a sales representative? How and where to search for the perfect employee to supplement your sales team? Validate your thinking on HR processes in sales with our guest...
47 min
In this episode you will listen to Mick Griffin, Chief Revenue Officer at Brand24. Mick is going to tell how to apply social listening in your company to build trust and foster more sales.
41 min
Lukasz Turczynski small

Lukasz is sharing his tips and advice on how he has solved similar challenges with the right sales strategy and tech stack at place.                             

45 min
Tomek Wesolowski small

In this episode Tom is going to talk about AI in sales and explain how technology helps sales managers empower their teams to close more deals faster. 

43 min
kurleto thumbnail podcast
Matt Kurleto (CEO, Neoteric) is going to tell how AI decreases churn rate by 20% in under 6 months in telecom industry. Find out what trends will define sales process and marketing in the next decade. 
34 min
In this episode Susan Ostojska, Customer Success Lead at Growbots is sharing her experience on creating customer success processes from scratch.
28 min
In this podcast episode you will listen to Sean Sherwin-Smith, an Operations Director for Narvar who is going to share the strategy on client retention in retail.
29 min
Mark Roberge is sharing his experience on growing Hubspot team from 1 to 450 employees and increasing revenue by 6000% using his methodology. 
32 min
In this episode you will listen to Jen Spencer, a VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media who is going to share her insights on approach to sales enablement from both sides - sales and marketing.
45 min
How can you implement effective coaching processes in a learning organization to better set your team up for success? In this episode, Jill Konrath is sharing her experience on building successful sales teams.
35 min

In this episode Thomas Vosper, a Retail Director for Pricesearcher is talking about setting the right compensation plan and taking a coaching approach to drive success for a sales team. We are also talking about AI substituting jobs in sales.

Sales leaders have two main functions: hiring the best people and getting the best out of them.
Krótki opis podcastu co zawiera i dlaczego warto go zobaczyć.
Krótki opis podcastu co zawiera i dlaczego warto go zobaczyć.

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